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We help you validate your app ideas by building completly interactive prototypes. Interactive prototypes helps to test the idea with actual audience and take their feedback. User feedback helps to interate over design to build the best product possible with least investment.

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Following are just a few examples of what is possible in prototyping world. We takeup UI designs done in Photosop or Sketch and bring them to life. These prototypes behave like native apps on both Android and IOS. So, user testing can never be easier than today.


Ecommerce prototype
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Parkimon prototype
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Invision's To-do

Recipe App
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**NOTE: More prototypes to be shown on request.


Low Fidelity Wireframes

Low fidelity wireframes of the idea

We create low fidelity mockups to finalize and validate the user flow of the app. User flows are decides based on the defined used cases and user scenarios after conducting interviews with various stakeholders.

Tools we use: Balsamiq Mockups, Axure, UxPin.

Ketan, Gas Certificate, UK

High fidelity wireframe guidelines for UI

After finalizing low fidelity wireframes, high fidelity wreframes are created. These high fidelity wireframes, serve as UI guidelines. Final layout of each screen is decided on this face itself, based on the functionality requirements.

Tools we use: SketchApp, Adobe Illustrator.

Jack Atkinson, UREF, Australia
High Fidelity Wireframes
UI Design

UI design creation based on wireframes

User Interface for each screen is designed in this phase. But, before jumping straight to designing, brand guidelines such a Color Palettes and Typography is finalized in sync with the brand identity.

Tools we use: SketchApp, Adobe Xd, Adobe Illustrator etc.

Chris Lo, Hong Kong

Creating Interactive Prototypes

Interactive prorotypes are developed from the final design files. The prototypes are highly interactive and behaves like native apps on both Android and IOS devices. Any app interaction pattern can be protoyped.

Highly Interactive

These prototypes are highly interactive and behave like native Android or IOS apps.

Prototyping platforms

We use -, InvisionAPP, MarvelApp, Framer and Flinto.

Parkimon example

User Feedback

Get a taget audience. Define tasks for them to be completed on the prototype e.g. adding an item into cart. Understand their behaviour while using the prototype to rate the design.

Easy to Share

Prorotypes can easily be installed on mobile devices with a simaple link.

Asad Shah, Parkimon, California

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